Drone video from Skookumchuck, BC, Canada

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Drone video from Skookumchuck, BC, Canada

Drone video (mostly) over Skookumchuck Narrows, Egmont, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada. These shots are taken during XL flood tide. From Wikipedia: …


10 comments on “Drone video from Skookumchuck, BC, Canada

  1. This is some really good footage of Sechelt Rapids.  I'm wondering if I can use some of it in a new short video I'm putting together. 
    I'm putting some footage together of me taking my sailboat through the rapids.  At slack tide of course.  What I would like to do is take a few
    short snippets of your awesome video and put it in my video.  I want
    to do this so I can show how fast this rapid can really roll.  Kind
    of hard for me to get that kind of action footage when I went through at slack

    If you have any questions about what I'm asking for is I'd like to have a CC or CC BYSA license to your video footage.

  2. Wonderful video- thank you for sharing! What type of drone & camera did you use? It hovered beautifully & flew so fast. I plan to buy one and want to be sure to get good quality! Thanks, Heather in Egmont

  3. That is absolutely epic footage of a Natural Wonder of the Sunshine Coast – The Skokumchuck Narrows or "Fast Waters" in First Nations as I understand it. I can't believe the crazy enthusiasts that brave wiping out and getting flushed down the toilet or spun out and sucked down by a huge whirlpool. Great imagery and video editing showing how amazing the Sunshine Coast is! Thanks!

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