Epic Amazing Aerial Cinematography /Phantom 3 Professional Drone video

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Epic Amazing Aerial Cinematography /Phantom 3 Professional Drone video
© All rights reserved - by Jason Pinkston

These are just a few of my favorite flights from the summer of 2015. Mostly shot in Southern Illinois. For booking info contact treetopproductionssi@gmail.com.

My land
Wild Race Drone POV Footage, Savage Crashes, and More at Drift Masters!

  1. That was a amazing. Great work. Brings back a lot of wonderful memories! Where is that house on the lake with the bluffs? It's shown at the beginning of the video and near the end. What a beautiful piece of property!

  2. WoW! You have really seen and done it all my friend. This is the most amazing collection of visuals I have ever seen of this area. Every scene is so breathtaking and amazing! I had no idea how many awesome places and things there are to see out there. I would recommend this collection of visuals for anyone to view but especially for anyone from this area who might be living far away and might be feeling homesick. Makes me so happy to live in this part of the country. Great job as usual Jason.

  3. Wow – there is good and then there is Jason Pinkston- Honored to call you (him) my business partner – you won't find better- Spectacular showing / wondrous display- a delight!