Epirus Land Greece – Secret places

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he spectacular mountains, the deep blue crystal waters of the Ionian Sea, the lakes and the rivers, create a unique landscape, the land of the Chimerias, the Molosses, the Caspas and the Athamans: the land of the Epirus. Even today, there are unexplored and unknown locations in the eyes of most people, away from the city lights, picturesque villages, magnificent and distant bays, and mountain ridges, as if this earth wants to keep its secrets hidden for those who really want to explore it a little further. But there, at the end of the journey, they will surely be rewarded with the smile, the warmth and the hospitality of the inhabitants of Epirus. places That appears to video : Agioi Pantes Thesprotia, Athmanika mountains,Paliomilos waterfall,waterfall across Kalarrites village,Matsouki waterfalls,gates of Hades, Voidomatis Springs,Aoos Gorge Konitsa,Faggos Cannyon,God Bridge Kalamas river,bridbe Klidoniavistas,bridge of Sgaras, Gretsi bridge,Vovousa watermill,Agnanta watermill,Katarraktis water jetting,Red church,Meteoro Thesprotias(monastery)Ai Lias (Skiadas),Rogkovou Abbey, Vradeto ladder path ,Agios Sostis beach.Aoos Lake, Kalentini Lake,Prama mali beach, Agia Eleni beach (Parga municipality) Kalamas mouth,Louros delta, Vikos Gorge,Zorika Lake,Loyros springs, Tzavelenas ladder path,Octavianus monument,Sarakatsanian pen.
Cenu tirelis, Latvia