Flachsee & Bremgarten

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The Reuss is a 164 km long river in Switzerland with a catchment area of 3425 square kilometers. This makes it to the Rhine, Rhone and Aare Switzerland's fourth-largest river.

We fly over the "Flachsee" and the beautiful small Town Bremgarten

The lake lies at an altitude of 378 m above sea level. M. Reuss level, about 4 km south of Bremgarten. It extends from the Reussbrücke Rottenschwil to the hamlet Geisshof (Commune Unterlunkhofen), is up to 300 meters wide with expansive wetlands. In the middle of the lake there are five small islands.

The three sides enclosed by the Reuss, traffic-calmed old town is a cultural monument of national importance. The four fairs, especially the Christchindlimärt the Advent season, have a nationwide presence and make Bremgarten to the tourist center of southeastern Aargau.

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