Flint Hills Kansas

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© All rights reserved - by seawolf
In just the span of 24 hours, weather on the Flint Hills can change rapidly transforming the landscape. Early on a Saturday morning clear skies, warm temps quickly give way to a fast moving front, rain and lightning. As low lying fog quickly lifts under the power of a bright sun, an out of this world landscape is revealed of vivid colors and utter desolation.
Filmed with a DJI Phantom 4, edited and color graded with Sony Vegas. The portions of this film was shot with the Litichi app using preprogrammed waypoints while others were captured with hands-on piloting controls using the DJI Go app. Portions of the film have been sped up to compress the time over the vast distances covered. Flown within visual flight ranges, max altitude 375ft AGL. Music by Icelanders, "Out of Reach" courtesy of the Music Bed.
Caught in the rain