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Morning training

  1. Sorry, please advise, bro … I want to buy dron but still confused … choose it …. 1. MJX BUGS 5 2.JJRPRO 5 EPIK 3. MJX BUGS 2 W 4. GPS TOYS X16 5.WL TOYS Q333A 6. MJX 3 PRO C 600 What do you think, bro? According to the sample, who has long since traveled to the world of dron ?! and from all the names of the dron which are the farthest and longest in the range and length of flight !!!!
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  2. Amazing. I would love to sit in on the whole process of one of these videos. Love the shooting, editing, music selection, etc. Answers so many questions on how to improve shots, i.e., you need a pilot and a camera driver. I assumed that was the case but not sure how to do that on my Mavic. The answer is "buy pro level". Also, does the FAA think that a part 107 license is required to shoot video like this – not because of location, but because it is "commercial"? I assume your content gets monetized…

  3. the Hudson River is an Exclusion Special Flight Rules Area – you need anti-collision lights on and to self-announce on CTAF 123.05 at mandatory points along your route in NY Harbor. But you're not the PIC, so you won't be on the hook for this one.

  4. Flying drone in NYC is illegal. you can get an arrested or go to jail. NYC has largest no flying zones due to commercial airlines. It's not legal to fly a drone NYC. Misleading…

  5. NY. Is Just. Like. L.A. Bizzzy. Skys. And Bizzzy. Steets. When Flying .both. Manned. Aircrafts. And.Unmanned. RC'. Always. Be. Alert. And. Aways. Be. Looking. And. Listening. For.vThe Sound. For. Other. Air Crafts. Especially. Those. Fast. Ass. Low Flying. Helicopters.Who. No. Some. Times. They. Asses. Be. Flying. Way. To. Fucking. Low. Some Times. U Can. Feel. Their. Fucking. Prop. Wash. People. Are. Always. Talking. About. Irresponsible. Quad. Flyers. But. From My Observation. And. Witness. TOBe. Honest.Those. Police. Helicopters. And. Tour. Copters. And Those. News. Copters. Both. In Los Angeles. And. NEW. YORK. Poses. The. Bigger. Risk. To. The Public. And Residents. That. Any. Quad. Flyers.Its. A Miracle. that. There. Is Not. A Crash With. There. Asses. Every. Day. In NY. And. LA.. Im zjust SAYING.