Font’s Point

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Font's Point is a scenic overlook that gives a marvelous view of the Borrego Badlands. In the interests of full disclosure, Anza Borrego State Park, where Font's Point is located, is currently "banning" drones under one of three rationales (depending on who you talk to), which include a) until the FAA rules are solidified, b) under a natural resource code which I think would last approximately 5 minutes if challenged in court, or c) because drones are considered "airplanes" and "airplanes are banned from the state park (I have voicemails, emails, and other proof of each of these positions). In any case, I abide by Anza Borrego State Park's ban, but these pictures were taken before the ban went into place, so they were "legal" at the time taken.
Font's Point
Font's Point