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I propose you a flight of the Cap Camarat in the semaphore of Estérel.
After a flying over the wild coast on the West of the Pampelonne beach and Saint Tropez, we shall make a stopping place for Issambres. Finally, we shall discover the rhyolites famous red outcomes of an intense volcanism, there is 250 million years. After a period of erosion, the alpine uprising then makes tip over the massif to the Mediterranean Sea.
Estérellite or porphyre blue, endemic of the estérel an aspect clear, whitish, bluish and sometimes greenish.
In brief the color of rocks associated with the blues of the méditerranée make of the golden island a unique and magnificent site seen by the sky.
This island inspired Hergé who made his “black island “.
The beach of Dramont was August 15th, 1944, place of one of the landings of the allies, 150 barges, 20000 Be lying and 4000 deaths in the fight…

Torre Latinoamericana, Ciudad de México
Lucky number 8