French Riviera | France | Phantom 4 | Drone 4k Footage 2016

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French Riviera | France | Phantom 4 | Drone 4k Footage 2016
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0:00-0:58 - Promenade des Anglais, Nice 0:59-2:00 - Villeneuve-Loubet 2:01-2:42 - Chateau Musée Grimaldi, Cagnes-sur-Mer 2:43-3:29 - Verdon Natural ...

Coamo, Puerto Rico Sunset - Drone Video Oct 20, 2018
An unexpected Eagle in the Photo

  1. Hey,

    We run Bucket List travels & Travelzoo with over 6 million followers on Facebook. Could we use and edit this footage and post on our pages. we will credit your work in the caption of the video. is this ok?

  2. Bonjour, je voulais avoir votre autorisation pour réutiliser les images dans une video (reportage sur la vape) juste le temps de l'introduction a auteur de 25 secondes de vidéo reprise avec bien évidement mention de votre nom en surimpression sur la video mais également dans les crédits de fin ainsi que des les détails de la vidéo avec un lien vers votre chaîne. merci par avance cordialement

    Hello i'm mading a video (reportage) about vaping (ecigs) i'll ask you to know if it's possible to grab some of your footage (25 sec) tu made my introduction video. of course you will be watermarked on the video and also at the end on the credits and also on video detail with a link to your channel. hope it will be possible thanks in advance. have a nice day

  3. Good Day,

    My name is Cristina from Must Do Travels. I’m looking for some awesome places on YouTube and I saw your video.


    This is a spectacular footage I’ve ever seen. You really did a great job on this.
    I would like to ask your permission if we can feature your work on us
    Facebook page, the Must Do Travels (7 Million Followers) to
    share with our social audiences and credit your channel, FB, or IG.

    Our request is to edit a 60-second trailer of your film with royalty free music in a
    1080×1080 square.

    If you allow us to do this please submit your video (YouTube link) to our submission form

    On the submission form please indicate where to give you credit and kindly
    email me back when you have filled up the submission form.
    Again, Excellent work!

    Thank you so much and have a nice day.

    Best Regards,

  4. Nice video! Also the part with Nice was nice… 😬 Liked it and subbed to you! We also posted a video about France. Maybe you want to watch it and give some feedback… Greetings from Frankfurt!

  5. Bonjour Max. Est-ce que vous aimeriez que votre video soit diffusée sur notre chaine locale sur la French Riviera? Nous laisserions bien sur votre logo en ouverture. Vos images sont très belles et méritent d'être vues par le plus grand nombre. Si cela vous intéresse merci de nous répondre en message prive en utilisant

  6. Hey! We'll be visiting france soon and Id like to bring my mavic. Do you need any license or permissions to fly drones in france? Thanks! Great video btw!👍🏼

  7. Hi Max, I am just starting out with youtube and drone footage and was wondering if you would suggest using final cut pro rather than iMovie although it is expensive?

  8. Awesome vid! Have you heard of AirVūz? It's a video sharing platform for drone enthusiasts!! It would be amazing if you were to share your videos at AirVuz!! There is a huge section for videos just like this! It would be awesome to get you apart of! AirVuz!