Giacobbeem Aerialshots | Showreel 2017

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This the best of my work in 2017. This year was breakthrough in my life. I ended professional career of mountainbiker and started enjoying my life to the fullest. Adventures, photography, drones, travelling, spending the time with my family and friends- these things now make my story.

What makes my life so happy? I am doing only things I love. Still working hard on myself, learning new things, discovering the world, meeting new people and their stories. I love my family. I love the magical smell of fresh air deep in the woods. I love golden sunsets and sunrises....And then, there is no place for fake people in my heart. Only real friends are walking with me through the path of my life.

I have been lucky enough to make some money with things I love so much! How? I did my best to achieve my dreams. I think, there are only few barriers not possible to pass for human being.
Ruta Patagónica
The lighthouse of Chassiron, on the west coast of France