Great Sand Dunes, Colorado, USA

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We've recently went camping at the Great Sand Dunes Park out southern Colorado. Took our drone out for a quick flight from the parking lot to the top of the tallest dunes, we got so close. All we can say is those park rangers are QUICK! Not 3 minutes into the flight and I was told to bring it back and land. The park ranger, whom was awesome and nice, told us drones aren't allowed. She gave us a warning, but reminded us its a $120 fine. I'd like to share a couple of the more compelling views from the video we've captured. These are still images captured directly from the video itself. If you have a chance, we encourage you to go visit the Sand Dunes park for a couple of days.. just leave your copter/drone at home.
Great Sand Dunes, Colorado, USA
lightning in a Bottle, Bradley, California, USA