How to Calibrate Remote Controller for DJI Phantom 4 and Professional

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How to Calibrate Remote Controller for DJI Phantom 4 and Professional
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Airspace Presents: ☞ “How to Calibrate Remote Controller for DJI Phantom 4 and Professional” ↡↡↡ » This is a video showing you how to calibrate the remote ...

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I have been frustrated for two days trying to get my Phantom 4 working. I had MANY issues and during the update process and such more issues came up. Now that I watched this video I am finally ready to go! I think. Knowing my history with this device I wouldn't be surprised if I take it outside tomorrow and see DJI wants me to update yet again before flying. But hopefully I'm set. THANK YOU!

  2. My controller was beeping when I turned it on and I had also noticed in previous flights it was "sliding" sideways during flight; even when I was telling it go straight. Your instructions stopped the beeping and I'm thinking this is going to fix my "sliding" issue too.

    Thanks for taking the time to post a video on this.

  3. This video ended many minutes of frustration as the calibration process does not tell you to adjust the the wheels! It won't let you finish until you perform this step! Thanks for the great video.

  4. Great video. Every time I turn on the remote controller it says the controller needs calibrated. I moved the sticks in all directions and couldn't get it to finish calibrating until I saw this video and saw the wheel turn to complete the calibration

  5. Your video helped me out loads! My controller was beeping incessantly. It would come and go at first but then it was constant and really annoying. I just needed to calibrate my joysticks (slaps head) Thanks for that tutorial!

  6. Thank you so much ! You didn't simply help me out but rather saved me sending my RC to Melbourne for a few weeks for repair….. I have trying to fix the issue of the rc beeping and I thought it had something to do with the new firmware or some hardware issue.
    After watching your video to the end, in particular the part where you scroll the the little wheel on the left, I managed to make it stop beeping.
    Thanks you again.

  7. Thanks. Huge help. My thumbs were getting pretty sore moving the joysticks while the controller never finished calibration. Seems that DJI should add a message indicating the final step to scroll the gimbal wheel to complete the process. lol

  8. I'm at the Remote Controller Calibration page, and the left circle shows a 100% at the top of the circle. All others for both controllers are at 0%. When I click "start" and then the OK button, nothing happens when I move the sticks. I keep clicking start, but that box just pops up again and I click OK. Help!

  9. Thank you, very helpful and yes very straightforward after you explained it. My sticks have been dropping out of calibration lately and the calibrate screen would never finish because I wasn't rotating the two camera dials. That procedure was not clearly explained on the calibration screen. I've been looking everywhere for instructions on stick calibration for my P4P yours is the first I've found that clearly explained it. thanks again Gary

  10. Does calibrating the remote have anything to do with the behavior of the C1 and C2 buttons? I have the C2 button set to turn on and off the front LEDs. It works only sporadically. Any solution for this?

  11. Thank you however I have a problem with the P4P drifting to the left when stopping in flight..

    I refreshed the firmware, re calibrated the IMU , calibrated the compass each flight conducted several test flights at different altitudes and flying over varying terrain no matter the direction and no matter forward or backwards when ever I bring the drone to a stop in flight it comes to a stop and then drifts to the left about 6 to 10 feet each time it stops. After drifting to the left is then holds it's position.

    Any suggestions?

  12. This was helpful. I have had a starting issue a couple of times so far. When I pull the sticks down and to the outside, it sometimes does not start the motors. If I turn the phantom off and back on, it will usually work. I wonder if that's a controller issue. I hope so, because I think this calibration would be a good start on fixing it. Any outer thoughts?

  13. Very clear verbal instructions, I will watch more of your informational videos but I do wish you would work on your lighten and camera distance for clarity. (I’m not bashing or saying a negative statement, I’m a professional photographer, using a retina screen that has been calibrated)

  14. Worked like a charm! I hadn't used my Phantom 4 in over three months, and somehow it 1) lost contact with the controller and needed to be reconnected (another YouTube video helped here), 2) then required a firmware update (also found another video to help), and 3, required Remote Control Calibration (which this video did perfectly!) Thanks!