How to get Cinematic Video with the DJI Mavic Pro

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How to get Cinematic Video with the DJI Mavic Pro
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Jacaranda Rain

  1. Hi there my buddy , just wanted to express my Gratitude to your hard working effort , in just a few minutes I’ve learned stuff from you that’s worth a millions bucks , Yeah …..So thanks a million ….big fan of your presentations

  2. This was awesome, the last few minutes were what every reviewer should do. Not just compare products performance wise, but also ask those important questions to make that decision of what you need for your own requirements and budget.

  3. Hi Kraig! On which building you start the drone for taking the material? I will come next week with my Mavic to NY and want also take great shots from the skyline…😊 can you give me that tip? Thx

  4. WOW. Also, with the new mic setup, it seems to pick up some echo–maybe try facing the other way? But that is beside the point the footage and content was amazing. Stellar work man.

  5. Hi Everyone! I've been considering purchasing a drone for quite some time now. My budget is somewhat limited, and therefore the air seemed like a good option for me. I've been browsing YouTube and the internet for some time now, to hear peoples opinions on the air, especially in comparison to other drones of somewhat similar pricepoint, fx. the mavic pro, or a used phantom 4. EVERYONE HAS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TAKE ON THE DAMN DRONE!!! It's hella confusing. Some say that the mavic pro produces a slightly sharper image than the air, yet others ( claim that the mavic pro's picture is rather soft, especially in the shadows. Wich of the three following drones (mavic air, phantom 4, and mavic pro) has the best dynamic range, low light performance, and retains the most REAL detail. Can anyone help me out? Would be hugely appreciated. Cheers!

  6. I currently do not have any drones. Can you recommend getting the mavic pro even if the mavic air is out already? The mavic pro fly more package is currently 100 dollars cheaper than the mavic air fly more package. What do you recommend? Subscribed and liked =)

  7. Our drone super crapped out on us recently! The gimbal has been overheating and is unusable now. Does anyone recommend getting another Mavic Pro or just upgrading to the Inspire 1?BTW – You helped inspire us to become better filmmakers!! We just posted our first Short Film for Youtube and have received so much support. Thanks for all your tutorials Kraig!!

  8. Which one do I get? I can buy any of the two but can only pick one. Also someone is selling the mavic pro brand new for £650 and the mavic air costs £769 in shops. Which do I get?? I want to use it for my travels around the world. I want to get shots such as mountains etc when I visit Iceland etc and the waterfall in Bali

  9. Hey everyone. I just got the DJI MAVIC PRO!! Check out my channel to see my first flight with it. It is amazing!! Ps. I’m subbing back to anyone who subscribes to my channel ! 🙂

  10. Hey Kraig, Sorry to dig back almost a year into content but after watching your videos for months on end I finally purchased a Mavic Pro. Have you ever had much problems with a small glare coming through the protective dome around the camera? It seems like almost always that this happens with my photo/video and the only option would be to take it off, but Im fearful of ruining my drone. Can you shed some feedback?

  11. People have already commented on your lack of adherence to FAA guidelines so I won't touch that but when you said at around 5:05 "… drone shots are best really just going forward towards something or back…" you just tossed your credibility at giving good advice to create cinematic video… instead you just told people how to create amateurish boring video. Good shots usually move on at least two and often all three planes of movement in addition to some yaw (rotation). Yes it takes practice and yes a person should start with movement on one plane when they start learning but if they stay that way they will never improve their videos.