Florian ledoux

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I believe in and aspire to, bring a new perspective of capturing wildlife we already know well from traditional photography. I believe these images allow us to observe and document their behaviors from a new angle and approach, revealing the animals in their entirety as well as in a wider habitat and landscape, in a way not before possible, a new way of learning about the white northern part of our planet.

Polar bears, arctic foxes, seals, walruses and various species of whales roam the Arctic in search of food.
During just a few summer months, the animals have to find, and consume enough food to build up reserves, in order to survive.

Polar Bears and others species are facing a range of threats that are impacting their future population status. They are among the first refugees of climate change. The most striking observation during my reportage was the obvious lack of pack ice, as explained in National Geographic’s article, “Last Ice”, where my work was featured.

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