Timor Island, panorama on the border

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Timor Island, panorama on the border.
On the border with Oecusse East Timor enclave and west Timor.
The island of Timor, which means "the east" in the Indonesian language, is covered with mountains and carpeted in vast forests. From its misty heights, mighty rivers carve out furious curves. In 1859, Timor was brutally cut in two by the appetite of the Dutch and Portuguese, who were brave enough to face the protective headhunters. Today the island is divide by 2 country. Indonesia and Timor Leste.

The island, first coveted for its sandalwood and then its oil has not ceased to become the theatre of constant bloody conflicts. Until the birth of a newly independent nation, in 2002, Timor Leste is the youngest country in the world. Its borders now occupy the eastern part of the island and the northern enclave of Oecussi.

This tragedy and loss of life in a twenty-four-year war incurred a loss of life in more than 100,000 souls. The fight was long and hard for petroleum lusts. Timor is the world's poorest country and youngest country and is actually immensely rich in oil.
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