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This is a new adventure of unpremeditated drone.
One evening in August, at the foot of a steep mountain on a former career tray near the north west exit of the city of Kanchanaburi Thailand ...
While I was doing my first flight Quadcopter TBS discovery with the GoPro camera hero3 finally installed on the platform.
After several minutes of flight over the peaks and cliffs of the site.
Big surprise: a huge herd of cows thai invade the plate in minutes.
I was more afraid than them ah ah..
I can't come back to landing anymore and afraid because they very close to me, then i decide to record video.
I could film them very close view of waiting to land.
Note the drone's ability to be used in reel herd very effectively.
With apologies and big thanks for the Thai-men keepers of flocks that have summers surprised and a little disturbed by the drone, but they're very nice.
Colline trevigiane, pianura veneta
Lake of Léon