Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota

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This Independence Day, between all the vacations, cookouts and fireworks, take a moment to close your eyes, listen and look around for the sights and sounds of freedom. Countless lives have been lost to acquire and defend the ability to speak freely, to pursue any worthy endeavor, to explore unimpeded - freely without restrictions or intervention.

You don't have to look far to find oppression, limited rights, restrictions and overbearing governments, religious extremists and dictators determined to push down a country's people to further the interests of a few. Human rights violations, religious or political persecution, excessive taxes and regulations limit freedom of expression, creativity and the potential of hundreds of millions worldwide. While many challenges remain in America, there's no greater country. Let freedom reign.

Filmed with a DJI Phantom 4, edited and color graded with Sony Vegas. The majority of this film was shot in fully autonomous, hands-off mode while other portions with full piloting controls. Flown with DJI Go and Litchi apps. Portions of the film have been sped up to compress the time over the vast distances covered. Flown within visual flight ranges, max altitude 375ft AGL. Music by Christoffer Franzen of Lights and Motion, "Lend me the Courage of Stars" courtesy of the Music Bed.
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Mexico, Belize, Guatemala