katarraktis Arta Greece – traditional Greek village (mini documentary)

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Katarraktis is a village of Epirus in the Prefecture of Arta. It is built at an altitude of 800 meters in the Athamanian Mountains, most generously, as Tzoumerka.Τhe visitor will be able to walk on the cobbled streets around the beautiful square, quench in the central traditional fountain with the four lion heads that run through the water, to see the Holy Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin, which has been declared a historic monument

The village took its name from the two impressive twin waterfalls of about 100 meters, which are shattered from the western slopes of Tzoumerka with an incredible momentum that makes their presence impressive, giving the landscape a dynamic and special beauty

At both ends of the area there are two traditional watermills, historically preserved buildings, where the inhabitants of the village pre-industrial era exploited the power of water to their advantage.

An ideal destination that surely the visitors will not hit and will experience nature in all its grandeur.
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