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Red Sludge Disaster, Hungary 04.10.2010 – FlyingEyesMedia

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On 4 October 2010, at 12:05 the north-western corner of the dam of reservoir no. 10 at Ajkai Timföldgyár alumina plant (Hungary) has damaged. The collapse has freed approximately 600 000-700 000 m3 of highly alkaline liquid waste from red mud. The mud was released as a 1-2 m tall wave, flooding the village of Kolontár and Devecser within 15-20 minutes. About 50 km2 of land were initially affected. 10 people died and 150 people were injured in the alumina sludge spill. 390 people has left their homes and moved out from the affected area. Six years later after the accident, the wounds has healed, the neighbourhood and the new residential area gained back its peace. In September 2016, we have visited the alumina plant’s surroundings to see how the affected area looks like today.

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