Krasno Town, Slavkov Forest Plateau, West Bohemia, Czech Republic

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The town of Krásno (Schönfeld in German) lies at an altitude of about 700m in the picturesque landscape of Slavkovský Forest. The first written mention of the village comes from the 1330th. In 1355 it was beautiful elevated to town and was granted his freedom and mining rights for mining and placer tin.
Near the town is one of the most curious view-towers in Czech Republic. It is 25m high stone tower with spiral staircase around the outside built from 1933-1934. The altitude of hill Krasensky vrch is 777m. It was made to raise the tourism in region. After the 2nd World War it dilapidated. In the year 1996 passed the total reconstruction. From the top of view-tower you can see the panoramas of Ore mountains, hills Doupovské hory, highlands Tepelská vrchovina or the highest peaks of Slavkov Forest.
Nearby is also feldspar quarry and peat mine.
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