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Kyshtym kaolin quarry, Middle Ural, Russia

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The kaolin quarry at Kyshtym is a flooded pit near the village of Kaolin in the Chelyabinsk region, where kaolin was mined – a kind of white clay. Due to the similarity with the famous tourist resort of the quarry and nicknamed “Ural Bali”.

The quarry was dug in 1945. Koalin is used for industrial purposes as a raw material for porcelain, ceramics and earthenware. By the way, the Kyshtym kaolin field is still considered the richest in Russia.

The quarry was flooded in 2011, when unknown people cut the wires to which the pump was connected, and the pumping of water stopped.

Surprisingly, in the vicinity of Kyshtym there are other similar careers, but this one is notable for its particular beauty, and therefore has gained widespread popularity.

Kyshtym kaolin quarry, Middle Ural, Russia
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