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Lake Cheo Lan

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After a night in a bungalow in the middle of the jungle, in the morning we went to the lake. Lake Cheo-Lan – one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. There was a river for themselves, and in 1982 they built a dam – the river spread out, flooding the valley, and created absolutely unique landscapes and its ecosystem. Here, the largest flower in the world blooms – Rafflesia (the width of a flower is up to 1.5 meters), during its flowering period (February), guided tours are conducted to find it. The water is purest, of azure color, fresh, very warm (about 36-38 degrees).

Also a feature of this place is that there are no mosquitoes here at all! You can also get to it by your own travel, but it is not profitable – you can only travel by boat, and renting it is more profitable except for groups of 20 people or more. Not to mention that you can only get to the pier by rented transport, which you cannot take with you. Therefore, it is easier to take a tour and not to bathe. There are excursions for 1 and 2 days, the package is the same – a tour of the lake, caves, photo safari (toucans, macaques), etc. The two-day one, perhaps, which makes it possible to catch the sunset on the lake, roll on a personal kayak (paddle enough on arrival, or it may not be enough), taste the local fish fried on the grill. That very awareness that you spend the night in a house on the water adds color.

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