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Lake Silverwood fly over

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Really a crazy thought flying over Lake Silverwood with no one in site. Normally this place is full of people and boat and Jet skis. I found a nice big pull over might and even been a vista point not really sure but I was not alone there happened to be about 5 over cars around but oddly no one to be seen. I think everyone was hiking down to the lake. People will always find a way to get where they want.

I had a hard time getting far out with my drone as I wanted too, a lot of trees in the way so I really only managed to get about 5000 feet out before I had to turn back around. I think next time ill find a better spot to fly from. But over all it was a great little flight and not too bad of pictures. I did a take a short video in which I will post a link down below. I hope everyone enjoys.

More shots at my blog : www.mydroneshots.net

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