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Lauwersoog 3

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Lauwersoog is an important fishing port (letter code: LO) and has its own fish auction. Many cutters from Zoutkamp (ZK), Oostdongeradeel (OL) and Westdongeradeel (WL) have their home port here. Part of the Urk fishing fleet (with letter code UK) and some Danish fishermen also regularly moor in Lauwersoog. The village and the harbor are very popular with day trippers, also because of the possibilities to eat fresh fish.

The village also includes the Robbenoort district, named after the Robbenplaat and the Oort sandbanks. Oort also means island (see Nienoord). During the closing of the Lauwerszee, when Lauwersoog was still a working port, the port was called Oorthaven.

In Lauwersoog there is a lock, the Robbengatsluis, to sail from the lake (especially the Vaarwater to Oostmahorn) to the Wadden Sea. The drainage sluices of the Reitdiep drainage area, the R.J. Called Cleveringsluizen, are located west of the village. Here is the border between Groningen and Friesland.

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