Manly, Sydney, Australia

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91 Days of Summer captures an aerial view of Manly over the summer of 2015/16. There are many shots of different areas in the immediate Manly area though there's much more to explore further up the beautiful Sydney Northern Beaches. I however chose Manly as I live here and wanted to give people a glimpse of the area from an aerial perspective.

The opening shot was captured on the first day of Summer (1 Dec 2015) at Manly beach which luckily was a beautiful sunrise (though the humidity was high which makes for a very defused sky). The closing shot was the final day of Summer (29 Feb 2016) which was one a leap day, therefore the 91 Days of Summer.

Music: "Further Up, Further In" by Composer Tony Anderson avaliabile on
Guerledan Lake, Britany, France