Mauritius From the sky

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© All rights reserved - by LESIEUR
The best footage in video of SAR production in 2015. My island from the sky. Everything you need to see this great little ratchet lost in the Indian Ocean. You can see:
- The gulf of the Black River Bay
- The typical Mauritian sailboat
- The horseback riding on kilometers along the beaches
- The Speed boat in the lagoon
- The boat fisherman
- The beach of the lazarette
- The beach of the island deer.
- The snorcling the middle of the barrier reef.
- The catamaran cruise.
- The swimming with dolphins in Tamarin.
- The humpback whale near Le Morne.
- The whale and her baby a week in the north near the corner of sight.
- The waves of the beach from the storerooms to very high.
- Natural Bridge, the sheaf over 20 mêtres.
The Surf Yoane DURIN the mythical wave of Oneye
- The run windsurfing Robbie BENSE to near 30 knots. The drone is less than 5 meters.
- The official arrival of the Gold Cup, the biggest horse race of the year at the hippodrome of Champs de Mars.
- The 7 Waterfalls
- The golf course Anahita
- Golf Island deer.
- The field of the star
- The lands of MEDINE
- The field of Chamarelle
- The mountain Pieter BOTH
- The mythical steeplechasing mopeds in the hundreds.
- Corner pattern.
- The church of Cap Malheureux
- The acrobats the domain anna.
- The students in the field of Tamarina.
- The salt of TAMARIN.
- The PILOT salt.
- The wide near the hotel LONG BEACH
- THE biggest fire ever made by Mr. d'artifice Autheville.
Shilshole, Ballard, Washington