MAVIC 2 ZOOM feat. Princess V 65 | VLOG³ 52

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MAVIC 2 ZOOM feat. Princess V 65 | VLOG³ 52
© All rights reserved - by Jon Olsson

Amazing last day in Marbella introducing the Jay Alvarez X douchebags collection and testing the AMAZING Mavic 2 zoom on the boat! ...

MAVIC AIR 4K drón bemutató
Sur de Chile, Patagonia, Aysen - High Drone Chile

  1. What camera bag insert are you using?

    Just bought the Douchebags variant and realised that it does not fit 70-200 together with my DSLR. It fits the 70-200mm exectly but I would have liked it to be extra 50mm bigger. :/

  2. this is so funny cuz the name he uses for the backpacks is big and small bastard and in Norwegian teenage language we would translate them big dritsekk and small dritsekk wich means big and small duchebag 😂😂😂 and im pretty sure its where he got the names as he is a funny Norwegian guy.

  3. Damn.. I've watched every vlog for the past year and a half probably and this video edit was incredible. Great job Benni! Enjoyed seeing more of Rickard and the kids too this summer!

  4. How envious of you ours is my dream to be able to buy a Mavic. I do not even have a type of drone … And you already have mavic 2 … 😭😭😭 … Very beautiful guy even … 😭😭😭😭 At this moment I can not contain my tears of emotion … I can perceive in your eyes your happiness and I would very much like to be sighing to receive my incomprehension so dreamed Mavic 2 … If you have some one there played that does not occupy with heart since here I can not buy an excuse to ask, but ugly and steal and can not load … Congratulations to your channel and show … Thank you in advance … Won my 👍and another one inscribed in your channel … May God bless you and enlighten you and be a youtuber of success … Amen … Hug from Aventureiropaulek!