Miami 2018 by Drone

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Miami 2018 by Drone

What to see in Miami? Miami Beach? and Downtown Miami? Quieres ver las mejores vistas de Miami? Você quer ver as melhores vistas de Miami? Wil je de …


47 comments on “Miami 2018 by Drone

  1. Спасибо за видео.
    Красота неописуемая.!!!
    Но неужели там море не штормит,и неужели так спокойно во все времена, дорога среди моря, это что то , а наверное там отели среди моря, не опасно ли.?
    Красиво то красиво, но это океан.

  2. Did you get vid of all the racist Hispanics in Miami? Hell even racist to other Hispanics and if your non Hispanic watch out! Taco bell is old news in shithole miami!

  3. I lived in California since 1998 and even though my family still lives miami i would only visit , but i would never live in Miami ever again wages are low, people have an attitude problem and so on.

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