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Monte Roraima is one of the highest points in Brazil, with 2,875 meters of altitude, in the triple border between Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. Not enough height, the place impresses by the shapes carved in the rocks and walls by the action of the winds amid the Amazonian savannas. They complete the landscape, rivers, waterfalls, crystal sculptures and more than 400 species of bromeliads.
The formation began about 150 million years ago, and for centuries has been populated by the imagination of adventurers, scientists, biologists, anthropologists, esotericists and mystics ready to climb the stone wall and reach its plateau.
On the plateau, a vast sandstone table of approximately 40 square kilometers is covered with blocks and heaps of up to 30 meters that rise on all sides. There, it is possible to have the dimension of the power of time, when observing the crevices and abysses formed by the action of the wind and the rains. This type of mountain does not exist anywhere else in the world!