Murphy Windmill and Millwright Cottage, San Francisco, CA

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Yes, there is a windmill in San Francisco. Actually there are two. The one in this picture is on the south side of the park.

On the bottom right you see the Millwright Cottage. In the background you see the outer sunset neighborhood and on the right you see the pacific ocean.

The windmill, named after a local banker and benefactor, has suffered considerable damage from an array of natural and man-made neglect. Finally, the Murphy Windmill will receive the restoration attention it deserves. Over the years, the powerful sails (considered the longest in the world) were detached and abandoned in a rotting mess upon the ground. The wrap-around wooden deck was no more and the fantail was severed from the windmill. Soon, the antique machinery and body of the windmill will reunite with a restored, steel reinforced tower in Golden Gate Park.

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