New Chernobyl Drone Video

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New Chernobyl Drone Video
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Donors to the Chernobyl Shelter Fund have welcomed news that the New Safe Confinement being built to protect damaged Reactor 4 and support long-term ...

My First Drone Video
Shanghai The Bund

  1. How come Radiation doesn#t affect the cameras like we've seen before? It is just simply theres not enough of it/it doesn't affect newer cameras? (not sure if its something to do with a physical film canister)

  2. where is the reactor? and it looks like they've rebuilt the city surrounding it, i thought it all died and has to be abandoned? also i can't tell if this is real life or a computerised video please tell me thanks!

  3. A very well planned disaster in the making but what else is there?
    Nukes are the best and cleanest way to make electricity but if something goes wrong it is beyond mans' ability to deal with the consequences.

    God help the men that work in there.

  4. What i dont get on fukashima… is why they want to build an ice wall to stop ground water… why dont they dredge the oceon around fukashima and make a U shaped barrier, then drain it and this way no more radiation seep into our god damn oceon.