New DJI Drone on July 18th – Here’s What You’ll See

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New DJI Drone on July 18th - Here's What You'll See

DJI has a major release event scheduled for July 18th in NYC at 10:00am. In this clip I explain what I think they will be releasing and why. Give the clip a look …


31 comments on “New DJI Drone on July 18th – Here’s What You’ll See

  1. Thanks for the information. I think a faster mavic would be great because it could fight wind better. I have a app that shows how wind really increases at only a few hundred feet up. I always got wind warnings and thought something was wrong because it was pretty calm on the ground. Not the case, the gusts are up to 30 and 40 mph when ground wind is less than 10 mph.

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  3. WARNING: DJI is no longer supporting Android devices to fly their drones so anyone attempting to use an Android device to fly your drone be careful because it's going to stop working and you take the chance of losing your drone😞

  4. So, is it true that the DJI products have a lot of weird issues with NFZ updates/ restrictions that other drones don't have? I haven't purchased a drone yet, so I'm not sure where I'm going to start. I was impressed initially with EVO, but now folks are saying it sucks with slanted horizon, and Parrot has only two axis stabilization…. Crazy, guess I'm waiting till July 18 now. 😐

  5. Can we stop saying that Mavic Air is already the successor to Mavic Pro? Those 2 products dont merge together, they are 2 different products for 2 different buyers target.

  6. Hi Rick, nice vlog as always. I think you are right about it being a Mavic Pro 2. Just one thing, could you use a bigger table? I hate seeing those drones teetering on the edge! 😬

  7. Yeah they hype it up and most of the times it seems to be lately a upgrade to a existing drone. If it is really a new phantom 5 that would be great. If its just a upgrade to a existing drone big deal!! Im not holding my breath. also honestly I love my p4p however the 360 sensors was a big let down bc most only work in tripod mod or so. if its a new mavic I will pass Im a phantom guy its the best!! dji needs to if they come out with a new phantom 5 it has to compete with that new skidio that drone is awesome!! I bought one and that thing is just sick!! love it.

  8. Mavic Pro II? Who will buy it?
    For DJi is most important the hobby segment. With all geniality Mavic Pro people now buy more Mavic Air – much worse drone. Only for its portability. Weight. Very good photos and videos. Hobbies dont need some better camera. So tell me why hobbies will buy Mavic Pro 2 much more heavy only that it has better sensor? Why pro or half pro will buy portable drone with not so good solution they have on Phantoms? I see two possibilities for new drone.
    Less weight than Air, smaller but better flightime and options.
    New Phantom where is weight not i portant – P4P v2.0 was some sort of test. But i dont see any reason for Mavic Pro 2 some drone the same weight like Mavic Pro with 1 inch camera. Who will buy it i ask again.

  9. I think Rick is correct, I have been monitoring the MP prices on eBay and other mediums, prices are dropping everyday on the MP, not to mention a lot more private party sellers are selling their Used MP "More to Fly Combos" very cheap since the announcement. They are inviting drone reviewers from all over U-Tube and online drone reviewers as well. I do hope it's a MP2 w/ the upgrades discussed and a revolutionary built in fail-safe. How about an emergency GPS chip parachute! In my dreams… Or I could be just plain wrong and they are announcing a drone wrist-watch that flies off your wrist and takes selfie pics in 4K? Oh, crap, I should invent that… OK- you never read this…lol.

  10. I agree with you although I bet it's just one version for now and a second later. Hope you're right though. FYI: the original Mavic Pro was announced 9/27/2016, not 2 years ago. I received mine on Halloween 2016 having ordered it during the presentation. Karma day was 9/19/2016 (also the day I cancelled my Lily order LOL).

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