NEW Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Firmware – Should You Update?

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NEW Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Firmware - Should You Update?
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Finally there's a new update for the Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom. But is it worth checking out? My D-LOG M LUT for the Mavic 2 Pro: ...

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  1. with this version the anti-collision system of my mavic 2 zoom is disabled and I can not or do not know how to activate it, I have it in position mode, I have seen people who have flown so with the icon in red and apparently it is normal, but it disturbs me that in the previous version if it appeared in green. Do you know anything about it?

  2. I updated to the new firmware today and I wish I didn't. Now It doesnt let me shoot hyperlapse waypoint mode with slow shutter speeds, only 1/30 and up. This is super annoying. It only let me use the free flight hyperlapse mode with slow shutter speeds. Now I have to go back to the old firmware it appears. Does anyone know how to go back to the first firmware?

  3. Hi Mike,
    I live in Canada and my M2Z with iPhone 7+ and iOS 12.1 did not show or prompt me that it required a firmware upgrade. I had to open DJI Assistant and only there it showed that the new firmware was available.

    Also, the upgrade seems to be only for the Aircraft and not the Controller. I don’t see anything on DJI site to download the firmware for the controller nor does the DJI Go 4 app asks to upgrade the controller. My controller still shows as Have you are anyone found the same thing?

  4. Hello, please can anybody confirm, that I can still edit ascending and descending speed parameters through old DJI Assistant on MAC? I have them tuned now and do not want to lose this ability. Thank you!

  5. Yes!! You hit the nail on the head. Waypoints is useless. The last couple of days no matter how many waypoints I select the max number of seconds the hyperlapse can be is 4 seconds. Sometimes I get lucky and I"ll have the slider up to 12 seconds, but they need to get this consistent. I should be 1-25 seconds.

  6. My most anticipated feature was to correct the barrel effect I keep getting while shooting regular photos. I really shouldn't be doing it in popst. It's not that shooting photos requires all of the CPU power like in Dlog mode.