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Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga District, Russia

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“Nikola-Lenivets” park – is a very unusual and sacred place, which is located in a few hundred kilometers from Moscow. Along the park there is the river. Ugra. It’s know for several famous battles here. The name of Nikola-Lenivets was given to one of villages here after one of them.

However, you can not only enjoy the wonderful nature and solitude, but also a variety of art objects, which are hidden at all territory and it is not easy to find all of them. Nikola-Lenivets – is the largest art park in Europe! He was included in the group of UNESCO objects. If you want to get to a new place and you do not know how to spend the weekend, visit this wonderful place.

Film was made in September 2016, by drone DJI Phantom 4.

Music: Ikeria Project – Newborn

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