Norway from Above – 4K Drone Video

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Norway from Above - 4K Drone Video
© All rights reserved - by Mathias Haughom

NEW NORWAY FROM ABOVE OUT NOW!! Music: Arise by Nicolas Major.

Alten Militär-Kirche / Lost Places
Bretagne, France in 4K | Drone video

  1. Hi! Fantastic video, you've got some incredible images here! I'm putting together a video and wonder if I can possibly use some of the images that you've excellently captured….? Please do let me know..

  2. Hi Mathias, Thanks for sharing this awesome video! I will be in Norway next week and I am planing on taking some shots from the Trolltunga. I was wondering if you didn't have any trouble with drone restrictions? Thank you in advance! Cheers!

  3. Jeez, there were scenes that scared the hell out of me. We'll be there in a month, don't expect such great weather – but fingers crossed. Rest assured I will not get within 100 meters of most places shown, even at gunpoint.