Norwey. Langfjorden

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Langfjorden (Saami Uhcavuotna) is ein fjord of Bkfjorden and Varangerfjord in Sr-Varanger municipality in Finnmark. Fjord streching itself 18 km south westerly to Langfjordeid in bottom of the fjord. He is mostly only 400-750 m wide.

Fjord starts at the north side of Kirkenes and gr frst south westerly to a narrow strait surnamed maelstrom. Here crosses the E6 fjord. The introduction maelstrom swing bay right southwards and stay ahead as inste 12 km. Eit piece southwards in this part of the bay Wasted Litle maelstrom and close this page Bjrnevatn on East side. Furthermore southwards it only fanned Buset costs at bay fr Langfjordeid in bottom.

Highway 885 runs along the inste part of the fjord.
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