Old Keillor Factory, Dundee, Scotland

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I was recently given permission to film at the old Keiller factory before the land is re-developed for housing. Keiller was part of Dundee’s three Js. Jam, Journalism and Jute. OK, the Keiller brand was better known for it’s Marmalade (believed to be one of the first commercial brands) – its produce was shipped across the empire and further. It went on to produce sweets and other confectionary when it was bought out by Cross & Blackwell in the 1920s. A popular one I often hear about the factory is Toblerone used to be made there.

Alas, a common trait in British industry, the factory has long been closed. I assume the production has moved to a country where wages are cheaper. It was a shame to walk around the site. What remained had been butchered into smaller commercial units and bared no resemblance to sweet factory. Regardless, I had to capture what was left before it’s finally gone.

I’m obviously biased, but I think this is my best video to date! ha!
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