Parrot Anafi 4K Drone first FlightPlan

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Parrot Anafi 4K Drone first FlightPlan
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Parrot Anafi 4K Drone first FlightPlan.

FPV in the Snow!!

  1. Few questions. Can you override the planned flight with joysticks? Will it complete the plan even if interference gets in the way of the remote and you lose signal?

  2. Je regrette les déconnexions intempestives entre le smartphone et le drone ANAFI, à tel point que le mien a subi une collision sur une façade de maison. PARROT ne prend pas en charge la réparation car selon son service client, le drone ne doit voler qu'en zone dégagée (sans en donner la définition exacte) et surtout pas au dessus de l'eau. Autant dire, que l'utilisation en saura d'autant réduite, ce qui est fort regrettable. Ceux qui ne respecteront pas ces principes en seront pour leur frais. J'en ai fait l'amère expérience auprès du service client PARROT!

  3. Nice video. I think this mode is called waypoint by DJI and Autel. Does this mode allow you to focus the camera on certain things during the mission and have curved paths instead of pausing at each waypoint and then going to the next on?

  4. Liking this drone more and more I use an android phone to fly with with internet on don't show map am I doing something wrong any help with setting please and with iPad 3rd gen or android smartphone can't get pre saved maps to show either can you help have you done video on how to set up both thank you how can I find out gain of anttennas for Bebop 1 and 2 cheer's