Parrot ANAFI: Thoughts From A Former Drone Product Manager

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Parrot ANAFI: Thoughts From A Former Drone Product Manager
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Being a former product manager for Yuneec I understand the struggles of developing a drone. The market moves so fast and you need to achieve a balance ...


  1. I sent my Anafi back, absolutely dreadful , drifts all over the place and the range is the worst I've ever experienced, my Bebop 2 out performs it, I've owned loads of drones and this Anafi is pathetic.

  2. Can you tell more about the new battery technology? I heard about high voltage and high density batteries but what exactly is going on? Thanks for uploading this!

  3. It looks like a toy and the gimbal does not seem very durable. At this price point it should have OA sensors, add to that batteries are expensive and you’ve got nothing for DJI too worry about. Still waiting for the EVO !

  4. To be honest
    This thing got a very good cameraand good control light amount
    But when tilted down 90 degrees
    Wb got shifted so many, it become purpleish
    Maybe next update firmware will fixed this wb shift

    Hm not bad for 2 axis gimbal actually
    But it will perfect if have 3 axis gimbal.
    I saw a bit wavy in upper video image, its really not that noticeable with normal eyes
    But still i can see it
    Maybe its because of digital stabilization in yaw axis?

  5. It's too expensive, for Parrot to break into this industry as a serious DJI competitor, they need to price far less than the Air, the Anafi is worth $500 at most.

  6. It might not be 3 axis but whatever. I'm just desperate to see DJI lose their monopoly! It'll be great to see what guys do with this thing! I love that it tilts up though. That could come in handy!