Parrot Bebop drone & Skycontroller 800m in corsica

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Parrot Bebop drone & Skycontroller 800m in corsica
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Stunning video of bebop drone flying over the sea in corsica (France) RTH (return to home) activated over the sea. please like ! track: Secret Conversations...

When the Christmas comes to our home
Parrot ANAFI PF728005 04静音とホバーリング比較

  1. Svp! Je suis Corse. C'est mon pays et je voudrais vraiment que vous m'aidiez à voler au dessus des 150m. je vous invites chez moi en vacances ! SVP dites moi comment faire pour voler plus haut que 150 mètres.
    EDIT: Ah mais non vous volez pas plus haut en fait… Pourquoi mettre ça dans le titre? Pour avoir beaucoup de vue?

  2. This is for me a classic Parrot Bebop Video. I saw this video several times before buying Bebop thinking that I did not have the courage to make a flight like these 😀

  3. can someone please tell me how to get the skycontroller and the video on my connected ipad working at the same time? When I connect the sky controller to the drone, everything works fine but the video does not record or show up. If I disconnect the skycontroler, the drone controllers show up on the ipad and the video shows up and records. Is there anyway that I can use the skycontroller to fly my drone, but record and see live video on the ipad at the same time?