Parrot Bebop Drone the last flights

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Parrot Bebop Drone the last flights
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Parrot Bebop Drone the last flights.

Shoshone Warerfall, Idaho, USA
Miu Ko Toi, Tai Mo Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong

  1. Ola boa noite, tive que trocar o drone Bibop 1 , pois o meu estragou a camera. Este outro que comprei a filmagem sai reticulada, falhada, pode ser problema da rede? Qual a melhor configuração para uma imagem nitida como tinha no primeiro? Obrigado pelas orientações. Boa noite!

  2. Good day, friend, I need a help regarding the drone, I can not find the app FREEFLIGHT 3, just FREEFLIGHT JUMPING, that does not work for the PARROT BEBOP DRONE, could you help me?

  3. i own a bepop2 with Flighcontroller too . since 2 weeks now , and having Fun, 6 Hours Flight without a single crash or Controller WLan breakdown. never experience any Problem .So why you drone is so nervous and unbalancing between the flight ?

  4. Sorry you lost the bebop1 was an old friend. Been using my skycontroller 2 and I noticed the it has random disconnects for a second or two while flying my skycontroller 1 doesn't do that at all did you experience that at all with your skycontroller 2

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! How sad for you helder… I hope it might come back somehow. You never know.
    But question on your first flight in video, it was only 9-10minuttes, and battery drained. Which battery did you use ??
    (I just orderes some Tera 2500mAh an 1700mAh. Hoping to get over 12min. )
    Best regards, and my condolences.

  6. Did you calibrate before that least flight? To me that seems like a typical magnetometer calibration issue! It happened to me at low altitude, forgot to calibrate after battery change and different takeoff spot, fortunately no damage.

  7. sad to see her go like that Helder! a little consolation for me as my old bb1 did the same…. tilt left…. fly backwards…. dive into the ground in reverse….. camera stopping before the ground….. hope the same has been fixed on our bb2's eh!