Parrot Disco over 4G/LTE (softmod)

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Parrot Disco over 4G/LTE (softmod)
© All rights reserved - by Marc Bühler

Disco4G is a software modification (softmod) for the Parrot Disco drone. Instead of the built-in regular Wi-Fi, it allows to use a 4G/LTE cellular/mobile network ...

The Great Wall of China in 4k - DJI Phantom 4
Shoshone Warerfall, Idaho, USA

  1. Hello my friend. I am buying one paarrot DISCO but I have one doubt. In case i will flight in a far place with low 4G signal, I will not be able to flight? Telemetry information only is available with 4G sIM CARDD also in DISCO?? it menas, always will be necessary frlight with 2 SIM CARDS?

  2. So that Tablet you are using is just outputting the video/telemetry direct from the Controller? Running a version of RealFlight? Which Tablet are you using plus does it handle outside light/sunshine well? I'm about to buy the Disco to do this, so wanting to ensure I understand the full process. ??

  3. Hi from Poland! The answer to my Q might be somewhere but please help me.
    How can I fly higher then 150m and far then 2000m ? Can I "hack" Freefligth or some other way.??
    all the best

  4. Hello, tryed that, but when i plug the usb LTE light will blink and will not connect either double tapping set up from radio will not turn it purpple. Do i need to install any kind of software to disco

  5. Thank you Marc, I am going to try this but I have a question.
    Sim card for the usb modem?
    You mean we do not use our sin card from our cell phone and if not how does buying a sim card and data work?
    Is it expensive if this is the case?

  6. Ok I must be a bit simple but surely i don't just plug in 4g modem .
    Do I have to download some code and how do I install it .
    Do you have a step by step instruction for newbies like me .

  7. I finally got my Disco modded to fly over 4g/LTE through T-Mobile. Here are some tips.
    1. Create a 2.4ghz Hotspot on your phone with identical SSID and Password to the 2.4ghz network at your home. This way you can save on data usage and you'll be able to fly in the comfort of your bedroom. When it's time to head out to the field, just reconnect it to your cellular hotspot.
    2. Create a simple mission plan that lands successfully in an open field. When it's time to take your Disco down, just execute the mission and it'll go home and land without stress.
    3. If you're flying near mountains, make sure you take the drone to an altitude that can clear the peaks at least once. The Disco will remember your highest altitude flown and sets this as your RTH altitude.
    4. Have fun.

    • Hi Tim,

      Your message was insightful. I know this is an old post, but I recently bought a Disco to do the 4G mod and fly over mountains. One of my concerns was the RTH altitude. When you say the Disco “Remembers” your highest altitude, can you be a bit more specific? Is that in the manual? I am very concerned about losing connection and having the disco slam into a peak. How can you check that your RTH altitude is indeed the highest altitude you flew at?

      Also, does the drone “loiter” to the RTH altitude, or does it attempt to climb to the RTH altitude in a straight line back home? This would be important if, for instance, I climb over a mountain and descend on the other side, only to lose connection, have the drone turn back, and have it crash because it did not have enough climbing power/room to climb back to the RTH altitude it “remembers”.

      Thanks so much, until I can verify that RTH is set higher than the mountains I am limited to not flying it over the mountains.


  8. Hi Marc do you offer a set up service. I've just got a parrot disco. But I am not a tech type. I ve got the gear but no idea. Be great if someone did a mail order set up for us none tech type.

  9. I think it´s a WONDERFUL project, and I have prepared everything and have the hardware in the mail..
    but……….Is it safe, can I revert the installation if I can´t get it to work ??

  10. Hi mark very bad ass video . Can u build me same exact bird all ready to fly . Looking for bout 15 km round trip . With in city limits .
    I’m looking to get serious range I’m a uhf fan my self . But this is whole new level of bad ass piloting .

  11. It's a shame that Parrot doesn't make the Disco anymore! You should ask Parrot to bring back the Disco with your mod enabled right out of the box. Maybe you could collect a licensing fee on each modded-Disco sold!

  12. Great Mods Mark. I have some questions. I saw in the configuration that options are 480 and 720p. Its not posible to choose fly 4g lte in 1080p?
    Also, its posible to change resolution on the fly? For example, if i wanna save data, and i want to go to a nice place to explore, i can put low res in the way to go and put full resolution in the place i wanna really visit.

    another doubt is, how good is the quality? Because i saw in thsoe videos a big diference between the 1080p recorded and the Fpv original view while flying. Its posible to see a perfect 1080p view while flying if have good 4g lte coberture?

    The last. I dont understand very good how sims works. The sim card who will make the whole Gigas spend is the card you put inside the drone in the modem? I suppouse this is the card sending all the video stream data. So then, i should put my main phone data inside my drone (i have 25 Gb and unlimited calls monthly). The second card i put in the phone is also spending gigas? This is a bit confused to me. Sorry.

    Another last thing. In this video i put the link before, he uses Li-Ion titan Batteries, who are more light than Lipo. Maybe is a idea for you to test.
    By the way. Its the Bebop 2 Power version compatible with all those mods? I am thinking in it for the extra speed. But dont know if this extra speed i can get also in normal Bebop 2 just choosing 11,4 V instead 11,1 v.. Then the over spend in bebop 2 power would be a waste.. While even i will not use the original batteries with the battery mod, and power version brings two original batteries.. I dont know if motors are same power and just have this extra Volts feeding.

    Thank you very much for all!!

    • Hola José,

      Lograste hacerle el mod al Disco? Pregunto porque compré uno recientemente para hacerlo, lo conseguí barato por eBay. Dónde estás ubicado? Por lo de los gigas suena como si pudiera ser Venezuela, pero me interesa saber si lograste hacerlo y qué experiencias has tenido con el mod y con el dron. El mío no me ha llegado aún, pero estoy averiguando lo que puedo para no estrellarlo a la primera!

      Saludos, sé que el post es viejo pero es que este dron como que ya no tiene mucha vida, o la gente no publica la info.


  13. I just need some quick help I'm getting confused with this SIM card I'm in Chicago Illinois using Sprint what do I get I was trying to create an account on uavpal but some how I can't create one so if you can just help me out with this one thing

  14. Hi Marc !
    How are you ?

    I Have a question, i Follow your tutorial, and i did everything.

    It worked at home one time.

    I tried outside but i Have a problem, after the blue led stop flishing, i Have no vidéo return…
    And after some second the led start To flashing red…

    Do you know What can be the problem ?


    Best regarde !

  15. Marc what an excellent job you've done, is there any chance to deactivate video feedback in order to get only map location so we can save data in case our data plan starts to die? thank you 😉

  16. This is very cool. Have you tried doing this hack with any of the DJI drones? I have a Mavic Air which for some reason has trouble with distances over about 600 meters, when supposedly it should go 4km. My theory is that I can use a Raspberry Pi to create an ad-hoc Wifi network for the drone to connect to, tape it to the drone, and use a USB 4G LTE card to connect the Raspberry Pi to a VPN connection, which my iPhone would also connect to. Theoretically, it would be as if the drone and phone were both connected to the same Wifi network. I haven’t gotten far with it, as the software only allows the drone to connect to the controller.

  17. DavidSchlednder wrote 2 months ago:

    >>This is very cool. Have you tried doing this hack with any of the DJI drones?

    Yes, you’re 100% right! This is COOL! And more cool it makes by using it with other devices.

    I have this mod and have been working with similar mod to Phantom 4 Pro v1.0 as well to Mavic 2 Pro.

    There’s A LOT of hacks especially to Mavic 1 / 2 and Air.

    We have succesfully also installed modded version of this mod to methanol-running bigger plane, which allows about 1h flight time with 120-140km/h speeds. It’s incredible.

    With Mavic 2 and P4 Pro I’ve got a lot of help from my help from little northern in Finland. We both have company here. BUT! Since DJI’s code is closed, it IS VERY HARD to do this for DJI, BUT DEFINITELY POSSIBLE! It just takes time.

    What I would do if i were you, i would reconfig your DJI device, there’s reliable hack for Mavic 1 / 2 / Air and even P4 Pro v1.0 to boost radios A LOT. They use around 40-70mW power by default, which also gets lots of interference since 2,4GHz bandwith is very limited in densily populated areas.

    Howevder, there is hack where you can AT LEAST make your Mavic Air fly at last twice or thrice more far without a glitch; hack that raises radio transmission power 4x higher. Also you can open 32 channels instead of 8 or 16 allowing using 2,4GHz frequency with less interference.

    ..But, have many people working with this 4g problem, and im sure that it will work within weeks in older DJI devices such as Mavic 1 and Mavic Air.

    Im not such interested in sparc, since it’s toy, my main interest lies in Phantom 4 Pro as well Inspire 1 v2.0 and Inspire 2 + Matrice 210 which i just ordered with X5 cam.

    If you are interested in hack files to DJI for this and also i.e. CE -> FCC hack and then some (50mW to >400-600mW and so forth) you can send me mail to ict.wagner (at) gmail
    i’d be happy to talk also in private more.

    BUT ALSO in here in public of course! I just signed in here, hope i dont break any rules, but this is very important to me, any help is welcome in both ways i believe – and it’s very nice feeling when even once a while can help someone out as i have got so much help from others during years 🙂


    PS. Just as I am new here, i dont like to advertise like teenagers, but just fyi for those interested here’s hardware i use in promotional and personal hobby:

    * Parrot Disco with 4g/3g + 7000mAh li-ion mod
    ….and 3 planes made from ready frames, one self made and 4-5 other planes with radios, servos, motor etc from other providers put together…
    Multicopters i use:
    * DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 + v1.0
    * DJI Inspire 1
    * DJI Mavic 2 Pro
    * DJI Mavic Mini with DJI Snail mod.. If you thought snail is slow, you’re Wrong ;D

  18. because i can’t connect with the parrot disk to zerotier i can’t see new user or put id of 16 digits done everything as in the guide that is in the drescizione the kiavetta connects and turns blue the Skycontroller 2 connects to zerotier and I see but the disco does not want to know or loaded the softcam 5 times but nothing where am I wrong friend can you help me thanks