Parrot Disco-Pro AG – Official Video

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Parrot Disco-Pro AG - Official Video
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Parrot Professional introduces Parrot Disco-Pro AG, the end-to-end multi-purpose drone solution for small to medium-sized farms and cooperatives. This end to ...

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The BEST Drone For YouTube Creators - Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Skycontroller

  1. he gonna use that skinny ass laptop to process those images? you kidding me? we using dual xeon 2620 32 gb ram quadro k2200 and processing around 5 ha. takes around 3 hours.

  2. The disco is full of bugs out of the box this is why they stop making it. My disco is only 6 month old and I am having connection problem and video TX transmit problem and missing frames on video

  3. I would prefer parrot to improve the disco and relaunch it, making a new model for consumers, not letting this wing with high potential die. If they make it cheaper, it would appease more public. New and better 4k camera with 3 axis stabilization, higher capacity battery, and full acro mode as well.

  4. Why the hell is this made out of cheap materials for that price? Completely over priced and on top of that I have actually owned several Parrot products and all of them had be returned within the first week due to defects. Like the Parrot Bebop2 would just fall out of the sky with no warning when the battery was full and the drone was updated. At Least Gopro did a recall. Parrot is just trying to hide their problems.