Photographer life, Praia da Macumba, Rio de janeiro / Brasil

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© All rights reserved - by Ulysses Padilha
Macumba Beach is located between Recreio Beach and Prainha Beach. It is an extensive and very beautiful beach, it has kiosks all along the waterfront and bike path.

The shaft Tim Maia separates it from Recreio beach. At low tide, a narrow path in the sand forms from the beach to the point, allowing you to reach it. The ascent to the top takes about an hour. The look up there is worth the effort of the climb!

Its waves are famous among the cariocas, because it provides surfing the whole year, being one of the beaches with more constant undulations. With its full and long waves, the Long borders are mostly in the line up.

After passing the beach of Macumba, heading south, and before arriving in Prainha, there are several good places for fishing.
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