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Pliska, Bulgaria

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Drone view of The Great Basilica of Pliska, which has been described as the mother of all Bulgarian churches, will be reconstructed and restored. The Great Basilica is the only one and unique copy of San Pietro in Vincoli Cathedral in Rome. The Bulgarian government has given 255,000 euros for the project. The excavations are supposed to set the ground for the restoration of the Great Basilica in order to promote both patriotic sentiments, and cultural tourism in Bulgaria. Pliska is capital of the First Bulgarian Empire between 680 and 893 AD. The Great Basilica in Pliska was the largest Christian cathedral in Europe in the Middle Ages. It was long 102.5 meters and wide 30 meters, which means it was 20 meters longer than the Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople, the titular temple of the Ecumenical Patriarchate during the period of the Byzantine Empire, and about 30 meters longer than the San Pietro in Vincoli Cathedral in Rome. Thus, the Great Basilica in Bulgaria’s Pliska was technically the largest Christian temple in Europe until the 17th century. The archaeologists who have recently started the excavations of the Great Basilica in Pliska have discovered the grave of St. Boyan Enravota, an heir to the throne who became Bulgaria’s first martyr for Christianity in the early 9th century AD. The discovery of the grave of St. Boyan Enravota, also known as Voin (“Warrior”), who lost not only the throne but also his life because of his devotion to Christianity. St. Knyaz Boyan Enravota was the first-born son of Khan Omurtag, ruler of the Frist Bulgarian Empire in 814-831 AD, and grandson of Khan Krum the Fearsome (r. 803-814 AD). After Khan Omurtag’s death, Knyaz Boyan Enravota was supposed to inherit his father’s throne. However, some of the members of the high aristocracy of the Ancient Bulgars known as boilas were opposed to his ascension to the throne because of rumors that he had become a Christian. After he was confronted about his faith, Knyaz Boyan Enravota not only did not deny that he was a Christian but he also proudly refused to renounce Christianity. According to historical sources, as a result of his decision, he was considered a traitor to the Ancient Bulgar tradition, and was slaughtered outside the fortress walls of Pliska, in 832 AD. The Bulgarian crown was inherited by his minor brother, Khan Malamir (r. 831/2-836 AD) who died very young, and the crown was passed onto their brother Khan Presiyan (r. 836-852 AD). Presiyan constructed a small martyr’s church above the holy well or sacred spring and interred his brother Boyan Enravota there. Photo by: Petar Petrov (Impact Press Group) Общ вид на Голямата базилика в Плиска. Неотдавна правителството отпусна 500 000 лева за археологически разкопки и възстановяване на Голямата базилика в Плиска, майката на всички български църкви. Тя е построена от цар Борис І веднага след покръстването в 865 г. по западноевропейски план, донесен в българската столица от архиепископа на българската църква Формоза, назначен от папата. Голямата базиликата в Плиска е уголемен вариант на папската катедрала “Сан Пиетро” в Рим. Дълга е 102.50 м. и широка 30 м. Храмът в Плиска наистина е най-голямата християнска църква в Европа – с 20 м. по-дълга от истанбулската “Св.София” и 30 м. по-дълга от “Сан Пиетро”. Разкопките са съсредоточени към мястото на малък храм-мартирий, в който са се пазили мощите на един от първите български светци-мъченици. Това е бил свети Боян Енравота, син на кан Омуртаг, убит от брат си кан Маламир в 831 г. заради християнската си вяра. В центъра на мартириума има голям масивно изграден от каменни четвъртити блокове Свещен кладенец.

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