Prototype Drone Battle Vessels (CW) – Space Engineers

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Prototype Drone Battle Vessels (CW) - Space Engineers
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After further development of the drone fleet I have decided to disclose some of the blue prints. [ Social Links ] ➜Steam Group ...

Trollfjorden - Drone Video

  1. I think you could really go far with these ideas. First, as the drone faction, you should try to automate your resource-gathering as much as possible: set up small mining outposts with a couple of mining drones each, using the PAM (Path Auto Miner) script to mine ore fields with only minimal supervision. Each simple outpost can just be enough landing pads to support the drone miners, cargo containers for ore, a pick-up point for collecting the ore later, sorters to move the cargo, and a sun-tracking solar array for powering the outpost & recharging the drones.

    Then make one of these ships into an automatic cargo transport variant, to travel back & forth from home base to the mining outpost, using Sam's Autopilot Manager (or some other solution), to ferry ore back to your refineries at the main base. Keeping the same design but using small-grid blocks would also be quite viable for these transport drones, and a lot cheaper on time & resources. You'll be swimming in resources in no time!

    Then I think turn one of these ships into a gunship version, with one side using these turrets (or the 300mm version), so you can orbit Jack's base and rain hell down from the edge of maximum range, AC-130 style. Another variant can be an escort: strip off the cannons, and just cover it in point-defenses, to shoot down hostile rockets and fighters. There's also the option to build a small-grid version of your Shotgun drone concept, with a dense array of vanilla gatling guns, as a sort of particle gun or MetalStorm weapon: that does a ton of damage very quickly.

  2. Sorry if this doesn't make complete sense as I have never actually played SE, can you do something where parts of the ship can be abandoned when they become damaged? For example if you have a massive destroyer type ship that once the Big Bertha was broken, then the part of the ship that holds it can break that piece off to fall on enemy territory and your ship continues on attacking with other weapons… this would gradually give a smaller target while still being a threat up to the point where it is left as a highly maneuverable fighter. This would have to be more of a command ship with crew and less something you could mass produce but would be terrifying to see.

  3. One or two of the double-edged battleship designs that pointed their bellies or topside she forward would make a destructive blockade, combined with small drone strikes of course.

  4. A battery like that would most effective on the bow of your ship, not broadside. That way you get them on target by rotating your ship around it's axis. Otherwise their firing arc is actually very poor as you can only fire on a very thin slice of volume.

  5. I think the paint scheme of your ships should be changed a bit. Just all solid purple is a bit boring. You should have at least 3 colors in the paint scheme of your ships. Maybe 3 shades of purple in some kind of pattern like zig-zags or wavy lines.