QUICK Tips to Making DRONE Footage CINEMATIC

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QUICK Tips to Making DRONE Footage CINEMATIC
© All rights reserved - by Matti Haapoja

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  1. Hey Matti, i want to learn how to edit video's well in premiere. Can you advice me a, not too expensive, online course that i can follow? I can do basic edits. Thanks, Chris

  2. Hi Maati.
    Fortunately we are in a time where out devices do letter boxing automatically. Please don't teach anyone to use PNGs in their NLE over their footage. The best practice to achieve this is using the proper aspect ratio in your NLE and NOT using PNGs… Or do you want any person with a DCI 4K screen seeing pillar bars AND letter box bars on your clips? 😉 For a more in-depth explanation, I suggest the fstoppers article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H851a7hEjDQ

  3. I have been in creative communications, design, corprate or industrial theater, multi-media, or visual communication business, for 40+ years. And durning that time, we have done 1000s of film, video and or photos shoots for some of the top corp clients in the world.
    On-line, off-line, pre-production, post production or before drones, or steady cams, or digital editing, and yes, even some before computers. But yet, in less than 5 minutes, you just given some of the best, AND easiest tricks, to make an average shoot, a GREAT shoot! YOU'VE DONE A GREAT JOB AT SHARING!
    Keep up the good work!
    With the new school technology, coupled with old school ingenuity, there are new stimulating visuals still ahead of all of us, until CGI puts us all out of business. LOL …however as long as we have an imagination, and creativity, …. that's all something to this moment in time, computers still can't create.
    Now you have to teach us old eyes, how the new stuff works. What parts are the best, or what parts are the cheapest, which is different from least expensive, and why?
    GOOD JOB! …keep chasing your dream!

  4. I love these short and sweet tutorials (probably not to make, but we won't complain). It's amazing to watch a 4min video and come out with some ideas and tricks you're excited to try next time you get your drone out (that isn't a euphemism). I have definitely subscribed as I am looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. Keep up the hard work 💪

  5. Love it! Thanks. Maybe you should go through your settings for people to learn from 🙂 Also I wish you would talk about drone rules and laws. I live in Denmark and some new horrible drone rules came to play last year 🙁 And it's expensive to get a drone license if you have a drone thats semi pro.

  6. I like that you mentioned matching the footage to other camera footage captured. Does video filmed in 1080p on a DSLR drastically differ from 4K video captured on a drone? Would viewers notice a difference?

  7. the problem with nowdays is that people watch travel videos from youtube and expect them to be like what they see and ended up dissapointed. color grading is great but i think it mislead alot of ppl and take away the initial excitement… travel videos should stay natural as much as possible. it's not a movie..

  8. Hi nice video really good tips.. do you recommend using tripod mode for smooth shots To keep same speed? And about ND filters I just ordered the DJI ND8 but didn't tested yet… Do you use polarpro for your shots? I need a suggestion please. Thanks

  9. Thanks for your discussions of making better drone footage. Can you cover your use of Intelligent Flight Modes. I would be interested in a video that explains how a videographer checks out a scene, plans "takes" using various techniques such as reveals, and then decides which flight mode to use for that take. It's almost like dynamically designing "rails" for camera movements but provides so much more freedom. I feel so many of us have the toolkit, but we don't know how to plan for and use it.

  10. Hi Matti love watching your youtube videos very good i just have started my own youtube channel {RODPIKER} flying my Dji Spark and hope to grow my channel maybe you would consider having a look at them and give any advice on flying and Like / Subscribe/ Share. Look forward to seeing you next videos and learn something about techniques in flying my drone. Hoping to upgrade to Mavic Air or Mavic pro II when it comes out. Maybe you might give me a mention on one of your videos .Thanks for taking the time to read this . Your sincerely RODNEY.