Quinta do Conde

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Quinta do Conde is a Portuguese parish in the municipality of Sesimbra, with 14.22 km² of area and 25 606 inhabitants (2011), of which 25 percent are under thirty. Its population density is 1 800.7 hab / km ². It has village status. Associativism made history in the Parish.
Quinta do Conde counts on more than a dozen Associations, being nowadays an important landmark in the cultural, recreational and local development. Quinta do Conde is a parish located north-east of the Municipality of Sesimbra, near Estrada Nacional 10, precisely in the center of the Setúbal Peninsula and is located near the large urban centers, about 30 km from Lisbon and 20 km from Setúbal, along with important industrial areas (Makro, Autoeuropa, Coca-Cola, etc.) allowing its demographic development to be rapid.
It emerged in the early seventies, from the clandestine parceling of a rustic property and consequent sale of lots where the new owners were building houses. An illegal genesis, a result of the enormous housing crisis that the country faced at that time.
In 1985, the parish was elevated and ten years later it passed the village. Besides the headquarters, it includes the urban centers of Casal do Sapo, Fontaínhas and Courelas da Brava.
It should also be noted that it was the area of ​​illegal genesis that grew most in Europe in the 1990s
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Quinta do Conde