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Rescue of a turtle Luth beach of Nyonié Gabon.

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The turtle luth (Dermochelys coriacea) is tallest of the seven current species of marine turtles and largest of the turtles in a general way.
An adult can have a 180 cm length carapace, a scale with his fins of 270 cm and a weight of 500 kg.

The turtles luths when they leave the coasts of Gabon, one of the high places of their reproduction.
They cross the ocean as far as South America, thus being able to traverse more than 7000 kilometers !

They will be nourished during these incredible tours and will reconstitute their reserves before reconsidering at the end of two, three, even five years the spot of laying.
Three migratory main roads were borrowed by these turtles: The first takes them along to the center of the Atlantic between central Africa and Brazil, the another conduit very in the south beyond the Cape of Good Hope in the South Africa and finally, longest, take them along as far as South America.

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