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After the launch of our new website, we wanted to celebrate 2021, our tenth anniversary, with a 2011/2021 compilation of images. Here is the clip that retraces our history over a decade, and that allows us to thanks our clients and all the drone pilots, cameramen, technicians and other people who have allowed our company to go through this pioneer era with a certain success!The choice of images was difficult as the harvest was so rich and abundant.  

But we believe that this editing demonstrates not only our know-how and the technical evolution that we had to follow throughout the years, but also the diversity of the shots that it is possible to achieve with drones.A new page is opening for Drone-Pictures, and we hope to fulfill it with you!

PS: don’t miss the end of the video (7:00 to 8:00), you will see our images of Marseille by night, filmed in 6K Raw and available on HOsiHO!

Nocturne over the LLamas marshes, Santander. Cantabria, Spain
City lights, my city in the night lights, Targoviste, Romania